Micropeziza filicina Helleman, U. Lindemann & Yeates


Micropeziza filicina isotype

Microscopische plaat, foto's vanU. Lindemann & S.Helleman, samengesteld door U. Lindemann.
Het volledige artikel met beschrijving kan worden gedownload via www.ascomycete.org uithet E-tijdschrift:
Micropeziza filicina sp. nov. (Helotiales), a fern inhabiting
species of intermediate generic position, with an
emendation of the genus Micropeziza Fuckel: ascomycete.org 5(4) pp 129-136

Micropeziza filicina microscopical plate

A: Detached, mature asci (living state); B: Ascospores (living state); C: Paraphyses in CRB (living state, VBs stained turquoise); D: Paraphyses (living state), apical cell with a VB, covered by pseudoepithecium; E: Ascus apical thickening with amyloid ring (in IKI, dead state); F: idem., in KOH 3% + IKI (dead state); G: Paraphyses in IKI (dead state, VBs stained copper-orange); H: Asci [two mature (left), one immature (right)] together with paraphyses in situ (living state); I, Immature ascus with central fusion nucleus, paraphyses with VBs in apical cells; J: Immature asci with two, four and presumably eight nuclei surrounded by a sphere of small oil drops; K: Croziers at the ascus base; L: Paraphyses (dead state, in KOH) with distinctly brown content; M: Median section of an apothecium; N: Exudate crust on the ectal excipulum (middle flanks, surface view); O: Exudate crust and roundish cells at the base of the apothecium (surface view); P: Cells of the margin in CRB (front view, focus on cell layer); Scale = 10 µm (except for B, E, F: scale = 5 µm)