Materials & Methods


The equipment

For macrophotography is used a Nikon coolpix 4500 with a SL1 ringlight

For microscopy a Zeiss standard microscope with 10, 40, 64 and 100 objectives and 10 x wide focus oculairs. Most of the times a 100 and 1000 xmagnification is used.

As microscopical mounting media and reagentia are used:
Tap water whereto IKI (Lugol) or CRB (Brilliant Cresyl Blue in water) are added, Melzer reagens is used for comparisation with literature about the blueening of the apical apparatus and for excipulum and hair dextrinoid reaction in Hyaloscypha and allies, KOH 10% (Potassium Hydroxide) is used for reactions in glassy parts of the hairs. CR (Congo Red) is used for in KOH 5% rehydrated herbarium specimens to look for cell-walls and as a support to determine weather or not croziers are present at the basis of free asci (croziers show 2 valves in the ascusbase in a CR mount).
For dissecting a Novex stereomicroscope with 20 or 40 magnification.Microscopical line drawings are made free-hand with the help of a ruler and the microscope scale bar, for a 4000 x magnification drawing i take 1 part of the scale bar with a 1000 x (= 1 micron) for 4 mm on the paper.